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About Coon's Ransom

The name Coon’s Ransom came from combining the breed of cat, Maine Coon, with my last name. Ransom.

My cattery started after I adopted my first Maine Coon Griffin, from the breeder Wild West Exotics in California. I fell in love with Griffin and the breed at first sight. He was such a joy to have in my life. Sadly, Griffin disappeared one day when he wandered outside, never to return. A heart breaking lesson for me. All of our cats still have free access to outside and climbing trees, however they are confined within the safety of a very large fenced area.​

All of my breeding cats are DNA tested for major genetic defects as well as screened for hip dysplasia. Additionally, annual echocardiogram to screen for HCM. Only cats with clean tests results are included in our breeding program. Click HERE if you are interested in reading about the different genetic tests and diseases.

I produce a few litters of kittens each year. All of my female cats are managed and maintained in our home as loved pets and part of the family. The males have a heated and air conditioned building outside of the house. They have free access to the cat secured yard. About an acre of space for them to run and play in. The kittens are raised in my home with constant attention and socializing. This ensures when they move on to their new homes, they adapt to their new family quickly and with very little stress.

If you have interest in acquiring one our kittens, contact me and let me know what you are looking for. I will do my best to help you find the kitten of your dreams.

How We Work

Pet Adoption Process



Kitten Selection

When the kittens are born and they have been evaluated to make sure they are normal and healthy, I will post photos on my web site as well as Face Book. Contact me if you find a kitten you are interested in. If the kitten is available there will be “available” written below their photo.




Once you have selected a kitten, a deposit of $500 must be paid to hold the kitten until it is old enough to go to its new home. I accept deposits after the kittens are 4 weeks old. The entire deposit will apply towards the purchase price. The balance of the purchase price must be paid before the kitten is shipped or on the day it is picked up. I only accept final payment in cash or cashier check.




Take your Kitten home!

Kittens can travel to their new homes at 12 weeks of age. If they are being shipped by air travel, then 14 weeks is the minimum age they can be shipped. If you decide to fly out personally or hire a courier, they can travel at 12 weeks of age. Final payment for the kitten is due before the kitten is released to your home.

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