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Massive Maine Coon Quin

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Our Alumni Graduates

Welcome to our Maine Coon Cat Alumni Gallery!

This page is dedicated to showcasing the thriving graduates from our breeding program – the beautiful offspring that have found loving homes with our wonderful customers.

Each picture tells a unique story of companionship, joy, and the unmistakable charm of Maine Coon cats. We take immense pride in sharing these snapshots of feline happiness, a testament to the strong bonds forged between our beloved cats and their new families.

Explore the gallery and witness the legacy of our Maine Coon Cats.

Thomas O'Malley

Thomas is shown here at 2.5 years old. He is from the litter of Eva and Victor. Loved by Ivy Gardner


Marlo is the daughter of Possum and Colorado. Cherished by Natalie Merral

Luna & Smokey

Loved by Lori Hess


Red shaded male from Elena and Keanu’s litter.

Loved by Stephani Morgan


Black silver tabby from Jinx and Victors litter.
He lives with Robin French


Red male from Darci and Victors litter.

Owned and loved by Sarah Clarke

Fancy Pants

Black Silver Torbi Shell female

She lives here in the cattery with me as our beloved pet and an extraordinary mother.

Coon's Ransom Massive Main Coon Cats
Black Maine Coon kitten


Solid black male from Bonnie and Harleys litter.  He lives with Aaron Kahn and her family of 3 children and her husband. Grizzly is a wonderful baby sitter and an excellent mouser. 


White female Maine Coon.  She lives with Cassie Null.  Wella is not from my breeding program.  But I have been honored to assist in placing he and her litter males for her breeder. 


This beautiful Black silver tabby female is loved by Melissa Peterson.  She is 15 moths old. Her parents are Elena and Harley


Such a huge change in this young cat from kitten to a 6 month old. This stunning young cat is owned and loved by Kathy Haslam. He is a black smoke with white.  His parents are P Awesome and Alligator

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