Masterweaver At The Last TrumPPet aka "Granite"

COI: 0 % 4 gen, 0.9 % 10 gen,  7 % complete, back to first generation!! 

Granite came to us from Judith Schulz with Masterweaver Maine Coon cattery in Ontario Canada.  Judith specializes in top quality cats with low COI(total inbreeding).  

I am humbled and honored with the trust Judith has shown allowing me to bring this spectacular cat home.  I will endeavor to live up to her expectations for this magnificent cat.  

Granite is the sweetest male cat we have ever know.  His personality is equaled by his classic type and extensive health testing.

We will be expecting kittens from Granite and a few or our very best females in the spring 2024.

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Health Testing: 

HCM: Echo Clear age 1.9 (03/03/2023)

PKD: Echo Clear age 1.9 (03/03/2023)

HD: Both hips rated “Good” age 1.9

Optimal Selection Gene Tests: All Clear through anchestors! 

HCM, PKD and HD tested ancestry! 

Perfect Oral Health!

Blue Smoke Maine Coon
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