All our kittens are $3000 unless otherwise stated. Because every kitten is perfect for their new families.
Massive Maine Coon Quin

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Meet the Kings & Queens from our Home

Every cat in my breeding program undergoes DNA testing to identify major genetic defects and is screened for hip dysplasia. Additionally, a bi-annual echocardiogram is conducted to detect hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM). Cats with clear test results are exclusively chosen to be part of our breeding program.

Our Male Kings

Blue Smoke polydactyl Maine Coon

Masterweaver At the Last TrumPPet aka:Granite

Blue smoke polydactyl

Mariemaine El Oro of Coonsransom

Black classic tabby

Our Female Queens

Black ticked tabby with white

Bloomingtree Kashmere Dust

Brown Ticked Tabby

Rhea Brave Puma

Black smoke w/white


Classic Torbi

Smaratcoon Brandy

 Golden Torbi

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