All our kittens are $3000 unless otherwise stated. Because every kitten is perfect for their new families.
Massive Maine Coon Quin

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Quinn is an exciting young male. His type, color and amazing personality is ideal to be included in our breeding program to produce blue and black smoke kittens.

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She is one of the most loving dogs, when she see’s you she comes over & hugs you. A total compasionate animal.

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Very friendly with male & female dogs. She has seen cats & didn’t concerned with them, so she can live with other animals.

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This very kind dog is Jamie. He was left at the shelter gates. He is 5 years and 7 months old. He is very friendly.

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He loves people and loves the attention. likes to go out for long walks and is good on the lead. Rex is great!

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She is very inquisitive and is always on the out look for rabbits, she is a Spanish hunting dog. This girl adores human cuddles.

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