Feedback from some of our clients

Jack and Jazz

Hi, we are Joe and Kitty and we adopted two Maine Coon kittens from April Ransom of Coon’s Ransom. Our kittens were very healthy and full of love. It was our personal choice to make their own cat food and April has guided us and helped us along the way. They love their raw liver and their beef hearts. Since we were first time kitten parents, it was important that whenever we had questions, April was always there for us. April treated us like family. Jake and Jazz has certainly made our household cozier and their tenderness has really touched us. Thank you April!


 I can’t say enough about my wonderful experience with April at Coon’s Ransom!! She was a great communicator and sent me so many photos and videos and updates about my kitten from his birth right up until the day before I got him. She went above and beyond, driving to 2 different Vet clinics and waiting over 5 hours there in her car during all the COVID restrictions and hassles in order to get the necessary health certificate I required for the kitten.
My beautiful Blue/Silver boy is an absolute dream! He is happy, healthy and well-adjusted; confident and curious; not at all fearful; affectionate and cuddly, great litter box habits and an unfussy eater. Just a joy in every way!
If you are in the Pacific North West and are looking for a wonderful MC kitten you can feel confident you will get a wonderful companion and have an easy and happy experience with Coon’s Ransom!

Thomas O'Malley

We are so lucky to have found April at Coon’s Ransom when looking to bring home our first Maine Coon baby! Our boy Thomas O’Malley is the sweetest most loving guy ever and our experience with April was amazing! She was helpful, sent adorable photos of our guy growing up and answered all our questions. We would recommend her many times over!


This is my boy Aslan (previously dapper dan ), from the first video I saw of his dad Victor I knew I had to have a kitten from

 I know she has the absolute best cats in temperament and looks and she pays special attention to genetic health and diet. I waited over a year for a red smoke boy from victor and he is absolutely worth the wait. He is so loving, calm, friendly, bold and playful. He adjusted to my other cats and German shepherd like he’d always been there. I highly recommend Coon’s Ransom. He also sleeps the entire night. I am so happy with him.


I had the pleasure to work with April over the weekend to adopt our new kitten. It has been an absolutely wonderful experience. April kept us constantly updated about our kitten’s growth and personality. She sent pictures and was very communicative regarding our family’s needs. She provides so many health guarantees and information about the kitten’s linage.
Thanks to April and her wonderful kitties, we now have the most docile, trusting, and smart fluff-ball. She is growing and learning with our four-year-old — truly the best pairing.
I did a lot of research trying to decide on what cattery to choose. I’m so fortunate to have found Coon’s Ransom. April clearly puts a lot of time, effort, and love into breeding the PERFECT Coon. Thank you April!


April was amazing to work with! She would consistently give us updates on our kitten with pictures and videos. She answered all of my questions and helped me find the perfect kitten. I would recommend her to anyone!


It took 41 years of life, a mixed mutt Maine Coon from the Humane Society, some really cute pictures of a silly looking silver kitten and a genuinely trustworthy breeder to get me to make the first purchase from a breeder. 

My husband and I fell in love with Henry (our mixed mutt Maine Coon from the Humane Society) and decided we just had to have another one… well, arguably a ‘real one’ (read: pedigreed), and the search began.  Close to a year (and well over a hundred kittens) later I stumbled upon Coons Ransom on Facebook. First, truthfulness, I wanted ALL of the kittens. Let’s be fair… they’re adorable! Then I spoke to THE BEST BREEDER and she helped me decide which kitten had the most fitting personality to come to a home with an adult, not-very-alpha, 25 lb male cat present. She couldn’t have been more right. 

Evidently, most Maine Coons have an excellent temperament, but each baby is a little different.  April is everything I didn’t know I wanted or needed in a Breeder.  She is exactly what the rest of these reviews say… patient with your 1,001 questions, accurate and detailed in her answers and willing to take even more of her time sending you pics as your baby grows. Congrats, you’ve found your breeder. She’s hyper dedicated to the health of her line(s) and a wealth of information on the breed. Her breed standards combined with her infinite patience in providing information make her customer service as fine as her cats.

I’m sorry if this is WAY too much information, but I thought back to making my decision on a breeder, and I would’ve appreciated an overlong candid summary.  You’re in the right place, pick a kitten, pay whatever she’s asking and prepare yourself for perfection.


I just want to thank April for bringing Mufasa into our lives. Although he was fated to another person he came back to April and she gave me the opportunity to adopt him. It was the best present we’ve had in along time. He is an amazing well adjusted boy. Bringing our family lots of love, joy and laughs. April also took time to help me find the correct food for him at a butcher she knew of. She has been very helpful and answered any questions I may have had and still does. I just want you to know how amazing you are and how very thankful for all the time you’ve spent not only with me but my daughters as well. April is not only an amazing breeder but a considered friend�


April was super engaging and welcoming when we went to meet her litter of kittens. All of her cats are large, gorgeous and healthy. She cares for her litters like they’re human children and is able to provide complete records and documentation for their care. We’ve had our kitten for a little over a month and he’s thriving and growing every day. I could not possibly recommend this breeder or her cats enough.

Odin & Wilson

April is so great to work with! She’s very upfront and real. She’s tells it like it is which is so appreciated with all the scams and mills out there. Her cattery is in her home and all the cats and kittens are well cared for and socialized. She really has the kittens and families best interests at heart. She let us come over and meet the two kittens we were interested in. I fell in love with little Wilson. She also had an amazing 1year old black named Odin that was like the playful uncle of the group. We ended up getting both Odin and baby Wilson. April was so great sending us pictures and videos almost daily. She never seemed to get frustrated with my endless questions about diet and care. If I ever find that I am looking again or have people asking I would always recommend her. I know there are other breeders in WA but I feel like she was the best fit for us.


I highly recommend. April is great to work with she keeps in touch through the entire process of picking your kitty to pick up. She’s very knowledgeable and eager to answer all my questions.


I was so impressed with the approach to breeding these beautiful cats. this breeder produced a lovely litter from which I selected our Gwendolyn, now 4 months old and healthy, beautiful girl. She was already well socialized and adapted to our home immediately. All the cats at Coon’s Ransom live like royalty, this is no kitty mill. I recommend Coon’s Ransom if you are looking for an amazing addition to your family.


We just got our first Maine Coon from April. Our girl is well socialized and so much fun! I would definitely recommend April to anyone looking to add a Maine Coon to their family.


I purchased my first Maine Coon from Coon’s Ransom and the experience was wonderful. April was great to work with and even video chatted with me to ease my fears of making a purchase like this online. She also welcomed me and my family to home for a visit prior to picking up my Arlo kitty. I got regular pictures and updates of how he was doing prior to bringing him home. If you are looking for a trustworthy breeder, April is your gal!


I had the pleasure of visiting April and Coon’s Ransom this last weekend. My son, daughter and I were welcomed in and led to the kitten room. We were promptly loved upon by the sweetest kittens on Earth. Their very sweet and beautiful momma also visited with us, as well as April’s two young males. All cats were healthy, very well socialized and so sweet.


I purchased my sweet Galaxy from April at Coons Ransom . April was awesome the whole way threw , she’d send me pictures and update me on Galaxy’s growth . I live close by so whenever I had free time she’d let me come spend a few hours with her ! She takes great care of her cats . I highly recommend Coons Ransom !

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